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Paper Type
  60 lb stock
Size (Standard)
  8.5" x 11"
  4 Color Front; Blank Back

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Letterheads Size
8.5" x 11"
Paper Type
60 lb stock
4 Color Front; Blank Back
3 Business Days
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To most people running businesses, printing letterheads is considered to be a nuisance and more than an additional cost to the running of the business, than a necessary commodity of a business. However though it is possible to run a business without any form of letterhead printing, it should be known that letterheads do have an important part in the accentuation of the business in more formal means in its networks of contacts, clients and affiliations.

With letterheads, you find that it compliments all forms of communication efforts and transactions. This is because it smoothens transactions into a familiar custom which the business community tends to acknowledge. A letterhead tends to make your letter look more formal and business related which is good for an official statement.

There are many printing companies that offer letterhead printing in their business printing services. They usually use offset printing to print volumes of letterheads at high speed manner. In addition to this, you find that these letterhead printers guarantee a consistent and sharp print that helps shape all the details of letterheads, to its fine print.

There are some important points to remember, and implement in your letterhead printing, so that you get a much more impressive and distinct letterhead. The most important part of letterhead printing is the logo. This is because the core competencies, values and the company philosophy are all attached to the logo. And it is this logo that is easily and quickly recognized by clients and business partners.

With this logo on your letterhead, it is possible for people to familiarize themselves with your company and products, while developing their own perceptions whenever they see the logo. Make sure you use a unique logo for your company, so that it is easily recognized by clients. You of course, have to include your contact details in your letterhead.

Include your company name, phone numbers and email address when printing letterheads. This makes it easier for clients and partners to contact you, if necessary. Though there are different sized letterheads, the most popular option is the 8.5 x 11 which is easily sent through mail and fax.

It is always better to use four colors printing to give your business letter more character. It also makes your logo more identifiable and easily recognizable by clients and patterns. Use all these points, and the help of a professional printer to print letterheads that will help your company reach new heights with its marketing potential.